Automotive Grease


Grease is a lubricant which is semi solid in form. It is used for lubrication in different occasions and where continuous application of oil is not practical and can not be retained such as in gears, open bearings, worn components and to enhance the functionality of most machines.
Grease consists of 3 major components, these components are a base oil, additives and a thickener, this thickener is what puts the oil in a semisolid state. The thickeners used in the formation of grease are mostly soups mainly Lithium, Calcium and Aluminium soups.
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When companies analyze their suitable grease requirements they consider these main  characteristics: Operating temperature, water resistance, oxidation stability as well as its viscosity and consistency.
Grease is the mostly used lubricant in Roller bearings and low velocity applications as grease is easy to handle as compared to other lubricants and very simple sealing devices are used with it.
We deal Mostly with Calcium Grease which is a general purpose Grease and Lithium Grease which is a multipurpose grease.
Generally, we provide you with the best quality grease that matches your requirement. If your company requires any other type of grease please also feel free to contact us or inquire about it and we will strive to providing a value worth solution to match your requirement.
Please do send us inquiry for the specification information as well as the updated quotes.
Color Yellow / cream / brown / red
Penetration Class Nlgi 2 to 3
Worked Penetration After 60 strokes
Type Of Thickener Calcium soap
Dropping point 70 to 110
Odour Natural
Reaction Neutral to weakly acidic
F.A (ulic acid) Max 0.5
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