Paraffin wax is a product derived from petroleum and consists of a mixture of hydrocarbon molecules containing between twenty and forty carbon atoms. It is used as lubricant or for other purposes and its look is white or colorless soft solid. Our paraffin products are used in candle industry, industrial waxes, polishes, cosmetics, electrical insulators, adhesive and polymers etc.
We supply paraffin wax of great quality, all our paraffin products are taken from factories that are superior and excellence in the manufacturing of Paraffin wax. This is because our company ethics is concerned in providing customers with best quality oil products at competitive rate. Thus we assure you will be getting optimum quality paraffin wax at very competitive price.
The smooth collaboration with our partners and their compliance with our company ethics have given us an edge over competitors in the industry. We are interested in building long term relationship with our customers not just a onetimetransaction therefore we strive to serve the requirements of our customers effectively and efficiently and we maintain effective communication with our customer, so that customer remains happy at the end of each transaction with us.
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Our Paraffin Products fall within these categories:
LIQUID PARAFFIN ( Click for specification )
SEMI REFINED PARAFFIN ( Click for specification )
FULLY REFINED PARAFFIN ( Click for specification )